Menu – December 2-7

After several days visiting my family in South Alabama for Thanksgiving, I’m a little blasé about food. I decided not to try much of anything new this week, and most of these meals are ones I made up and for which no recipes exist. When I cook them, I’ll write down ingredients and amounts and post soon after.

Breakfast – blueberry pancakes, sausage patties
Supper – roasted chicken, rice pilaf, sautéed carrots and broccoli with garlic

Breakfast – apple, cranberry, and pecan oatmeal; turkey bacon
Supper – large baked potatoes topped with smoked sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, and caramelized onions; salad

Breakfast – blueberry muffins, sausage patties
Supper – beef and broccoli (with Chinese five spice sauce), mandarin oranges, salad

Breakfast – hash browns and bacon
Supper – chicken pot pie, mixed berries

Breakfast – Daiya cheese grits with sausage crumbles, eggs
Supper – scrambled meat (ground turkey and beef) and mushrooms, mashed potatoes, butter beans, steamed spinach

Breakfast – strawberry oatmeal with coconut cream


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