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I recently watched a truly horrible video with graphic footage taken in factory farms. Truly horrible. You may have seen it making the rounds on Facebook — if you clicked on it, you are likely as traumatized as I was. After watching that, I felt nauseous every time I cooked meat that originated from such places. So, my posts have been on hold for a while as I figured out what to do.

Ideally, I’d opt for vegetarianism. However, with a family that can’t eat nuts, soy, dairy, eggs, wheat, fish, or shellfish, it doesn’t seem likely that will happen anytime soon. So I thought. My solution to my moral and culinary quandary was so simple that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before: wild game. Deer, hogs, turkeys, ducks, and so forth. You see, I don’t have a moral objection to eating meat. It’s the way of the world. I DO have a problem with cruelty. Hunting for food was my solution.

And here comes the BUT… I live right smack in the middle of Atlanta. So I got on the phone with my south-Alabama relatives and asked them for help. Within two weeks, my cousin Ashley had shot a huge six pointer, and the meat was mine! That, plus some of the sausage from a hog she killed and a little free-range chicken here or there, will keep us fed until I have enough money saved up to get a side of beef from a guy I know in North Carolina, see Farmhouse Beef. Now I’m having to make up more recipes for the new ingredients. We’ve mostly had things like chili and cube steak and other fairly unoriginal meals as I learn how to work with the flavor. So, I’ll keep you posted. I will start back up with menus this weekend, and I’ll hopefully have a few tasty recipes to share.


Hi, there!

Hello! If you’re reading this post, you either love my blog enough to read archived posts, or you’re here in the beginning. Either way, welcome!

Organic, Naturally is a blog dedicated to food. Specifically, the food I love to cook. Some of my recipes are old family favorites that I’ve cooked for years, others are ones that have developed gradually through my tinkering. Trial and error is often the way of things, so I figured I’d share some of the meals that my picky eaters enjoy.

I plan menus each week, using them to create my shopping list, and will post them as they’re created, along with some discussion of why I paired certain foods on a plate or my rationale for serving certain foods at certain times. My hope is that people will learn how to plan menus that work for their dietary needs and lifestyles.

That said, my family has a few quirks that will be evident in some recipes: we have food allergies.

  • I am allergic to wheat.
  • My husband can’t eat shellfish or dairy.
  • My older son is lactose intolerant and allergic to peanuts and eggs.
  • My toddler is… well, we’re figuring it out. So far, soy, eggs, fish, wheat, tomato sauces and (maybe) dairy are problematic. We think.

For this reason, I read labels. Lots of labels. And I cook from scratch almost everything that we eat. Having enough protein, fat and calories can be tough sometimes without eggs, dairy or soy, so a lot of thought goes into our meals. I hope you enjoy the recipes posted here, and please share your results and suggestions with me, good or bad.

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