Meal Planning

When planning meals, I generally visualize a plate. Several “plate methods” of meal planning exist, but think mine is pretty simple. I divide a plate into four sections: leafy green vegetable, orange vegetable, meat/protein, and starch (rice, potatoes, bread, etc.). Do my meals always match this perfectly? No, of course not. Do I substitute things? Yes, but I use this plate method as a guideline. I like to add other fruits and veggies into the mix when I can, and sometimes a dessert is a welcome change, too.

Below are links to my meal plans. I usually sit down Saturday morning and plan the week’s meals. I then make my grocery list, digging though the pantry and fridge to check my ingredients. After that’s all done, I load up the kids and head to the store.

November 2013 Meal Plans
Nov. 10 – 20


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